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Blog Entry #12 [2021년 7월 1일]

Damm it's already July!! It's been a pretty mad two weeks trying to get the exhibition up, but it's all up and running. I did my first performance last Saturday and I think it went pretty well. The installations look pretty good too, I don't know what others are thinking about the exhibition but I'm very satisfied with the exhibition. Dare I say 오징어(이)가 태어났다! SUID came out of its EGG! is a successful first solo show?!?! maybe, juuuust maybe.

I've reconnected with people over this exhibition. That includes the two owners of sangheeut, people from Kukje Gallery, peers from Goldsmiths (actually it's really crazy, just a day before the opening of the show my formal personal tutor from 2014 dropped me an email to say hi, it was really wholesom), peers from JIS, and more people from LMH as well. I guess that's because I've been more active on Instagram to promote this exhibition haha I think I was more able to engage with DMs and people contacting me in general because there was something to talk about (aka the exhibition). And I guess at the same time LMH art team's @aportraitoflmh (check it out on insta) was launched and my coworker and I had to manage the account, so I was wayyy more active on social media than like a month ago. I don't know why I'm so hung up on the fact that I'm more active on social media haha I'll stop. There must be a more interesting subject for me to talk about.

Oh yeah I got on.

So, I've decided to work my ass off to enroll in a Phd programme before 2024. That's the goal for now. I'm going to try and go back to Ruskin for Phd and fingers crossed there will be a fully-funded position. I should email Katrina and Oreet to see if they have any advice. And to work towards this goal from now on I really have to start reading again and hunkering down on a research topic that I can at least write a proposal for the application. I don't think I ever read a Fine Art Phd thesis!!! Anyways, I think I'll look into 'archiving' and 'artwashing' those are the general two keywords I'll begin with. And maybe I can link them together to make it specific. Ah I hope it works out. It'll be good to plan things out with Ben.

I'm currently invigilating my show and damm I cried in almost every single one of my performances hahah this is why I didn't want to perform for so long. It's traumatizing. And I did put in the effort to use my work as therapy with 넉두리 series but I think the level of damage is bigger than what it can heal. It sucks. But hey what can I do. Ooh that reminds me I should look up what Oriana's Phd thesis is about, I remember her talking about performance art as therapy.

I got into this Kdrama called 독백꽃 필 무렵 and it's so addictiveee. I need to pace myself but I'm literally devouring two episodes a day which is more than two hours hahah and I'm now back to stanning 2PM. Shit. not the best timing to start 덕질 when I'm literally trying to get my act together + start studying again. Well, that's about everything that I wanted to talk about today.

To conclude today's blog entry, here's my todo list from today and some photos of my exhibition with sangheeut.


ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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