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Blog Entry #15 [2021년 9월 9일]

Hello there.

I don't know why I'm writing a blog entry. I don't even have anything to update you on!

I guess I have few application deadlines next week and at the end of September so I might be procrastinating by writing this haha I really wish I had some updates.

Oh actually you know what I don't think I mentioned that I'm off to the UK in early November yet haha yeah I have my master's graduation on the 12th of November so I'm going to graduate with Ben! Mum's joining me so she's coming to Korea next month so we can leave from Incheon together. I just called up the Korean embassy in London to see what the quarantine measures are when you're fully vaccinated and they told me for now everyone needs to quarantine for 10 days (or 5 days if you pay for test & release). Oh and I had to call them twice cuz the first person hung up on me as soon as I said "I'm calling to as about the quarantine measures..?" so rude, but I guess they don't want to deal with everyone who needs reassurance about the policy rather than trust what's on the website. And after graduation, Mum and I are hanging out for two weeks then she'll head back to Korea and I'll stay in the UK to spend Christmas with Ben (we're going to Finland!). Mum's the only one in the family who can come to the graduation, dad and bro can't leave work for that long. Dad was very set on coming but I guess he can't. This time, I'm really going to focus on my mum and spend time with her as last time she was in Oxford I was new to the area and to the school so I mostly left her to be and did my own thing. I regret this so much. That was a pretty shitty move on my end, so this time no matter what mum's my priority. I can hang out with Ben and whoever is willing to see me when she's back in Korea.

Hmm another update is that I got an email from a gallery asking to interview me for a job. I was thinking of applying to a gallery assistant role at this place last year but I didn't go for it. - think I had something else coming up. Anyways and it shooooooook me haha I was like okay maybe this is my shot to have some kind of income stability again. But I mean it's hard to commit to anything now because of this trip to UK/Finland. I guess I'll just lay low and apply for stuff that's starting next year.

Ohoh another update (sorry I had more updates than I imagined haha) I might be giving an artist talk next month?? We're having a meeting about it next week so I'll find out more. It's exciting. But I mean I won't be surprised if it gets cancelled. It'll definitely look amazing in my CV though for these applications due by the end of September.

Okay now I should really stop procrastinating and get this statements started!!

I love you

and I'm sorry to only talk to you when I need to procrastinate. I'll try harder to make this a daily entry soon.

To conclude today's blog entry, here's my todo list from today and a photo of 한국의 미 pottery/music CD store in the Gimhae international airport.


GO BUY ROACH TRAP FOR THE FLAT (i literally saw a roach size of my thumb in the room last night) ✓

Call the Korean embassy about quarantine measures ✓

Call mum to discuss about the trip 𝗫 - well this one cuz she didn't pick up, well I was supposed to call her in the afternoon but I was busyyyy

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