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Blog Entry #3 [2021년 3월 19일]

DAY 3 here we go !!!

Right, it is 08:06 in Seoul and I'm trying a different approach to -

Oookay starting again! So what happened above is that I was trying to write a short paragraph in the morning to see if writing throughout the day will make this more interesting, but guess I was wrong! It was the exhibition Claustro's opening night (17:00 in Panama) this morning at 7:00 so I woke up at 6:00 to get ready for Lu and I's livestream performance. The night went well, Lu almost broadcasted the entire opening night event to me through whatsapp messages and we streamed my laptop whatsapp window to a computer placed as part of our installation in CCI Panama. And because they were socialising with people AND performing (aka texting me) at the same time I had few moments in the morning where I could do something else waiting for them to reply. I thought that would be the perfect timing to start drafting today's blog entry. Oh boy, how I underestimated the attention required for an opening night performance haha So, yeah, all I managed to write was the first two sentences, and the second one isn't even complete!!

So here I am, at 23:39 on a Friday. Watching the IT Crowd and recall what happened to me today. Anyways, the opening night was a success and I'm glad people got to enjoy our collaboration.

I got to have lovely lunch hangout with Ryongweon, my friend from 9th grade. Just chatting with him made me realise 1) I just need to push myself to start things and 2) get help with stuff that I can get help with!! I'm finally going to go register myself to kendo classes. I always wanted to do them but just didn't get the chance to stay in Korea long enough for me to even learn anything. And speaking of things I didn't get the chance to do because I don't get to spend much time in my home country, I really need to get HPV vaccine while I know I'll be in Seoul indefinitely. I've been putting it off for so long (mostly for the same reason I didn't register to a kendo dojo). But man those vaccines are expensive. How can I protect my body without a full time job?!

It's frustrating.

All I can do now is do some yoga at home to get my body moving, yeah that'll definitely keep them virus away from my vagina! I did a short yin yoga session when I got home and then fully took under the coffee table. I woke up after 20 minutes thinking I fell asleep during shavasana (Ben and I call it shavasa-nap).

( rapid change of topic but) I tuned into the rerun of Transmissions S3 ep.1 before dinner as recommended by Laura. I was mostly trying to see other creative ways to utilise livestreaming / broadcasting as a medium but Transmissions series (with the budget and reputation they have) I didn't get to see how this specific medium activated those works. They were mostly video works being screened, recording of a performance from a different festival, and, well, okay I guess there were some live readings (that faced very minor technical difficulties). I was hoping to see some innovative ways to utilising the broadcasting technology to fit the line of the works (or each individual works) but I didn't. Well, it was still good and I got to start asking questions on why Laura and I are sticking with our DIY broadcasting technology after last year's NOSHOW. It's all very exciting.

And I think the gasgasgas gang might get back together soon!!! Ah it's really exciting. I should really finish the costumes for the play. I won't say too much on this yet, it'll be a pleasant surprise to reveal it in few weeks time.

OH did I mention it's getting pleasantly warm outside? Seoul's officially stepping into a new season and even having two layers on is too much. I got my jelly flats out for their first outing in almost a year. Which is why I forgot about the prepping one needs to when putting on a semi-broken in flats. 5 minutes after leaving the house the edge of my pinky toenails started to dig into the adjacent toes. And of course, there are the Achilles heels blisters - ah the discolouration of my Achilles heels prove how bad I am at picking non-trainers. Anyways I can't wait for summer to come. Though having to wear masks everywhere in a hot and humid summer might be less than ideal. Hmm, we'll see.

Today's entry reads a bit more normal than usual. Am I using the word 'normal' to substitute 'boring'? Maybe? Ah what can you do haha.

To conclude today's blog entry, here's my todo list from today (well the lack of it, I didn't really have anything that needs doing that directly relates to surviving) and an installation shot of our piece taken during the opening night (photo taken by Lu of their friend Libertad sitting in our installation).


ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ < nothiiiinnnnng )

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