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Blog Entry #5 [2021년 3월 23일]

What did I do today


wait what am I saying I had an actual action packed day today haha

So, today started pretty early, around 7:15. And when I say that my day started early means my morning-under-the-duvet-watching-Netflix session began early (and I think my period's actually coming on time this month? I noticed two years ago that I sometimes sleep less in the morning 2-4 days before I start my period so it could be this week. I know, very strange). Then I watched my brother leave for work. He has to go on a business trip tomorrow to 진도 which is an island at the very south of the Korean peninsula just above 제주도. It's literally faster for him to go to 평양 in North Korea than go to 진도. I found that pretty fascinating. But, it's unfortunate for my brother. Anyways, I had a meeting with Lu till 11ish then planned a little city walk to this refill station called 알맹상점 in 망원. My mission is to check the place out, it's known to be the first ever sustainability concerned shop in Seoul, and to fill out a 1.5 litre bottle of fabric softener.

A little side track: I'm drinking a decaf cold brew at 22:10, is this going to keep me awake? I know it's decaf but some say avid coffee drinkers get caffeine like energy just by smelling coffee ( I don't know where I heard this but this has been engraved in my brain since 2nd year of undergrad) so it's a little concerning. Well, I guess I'm the last person to have sleeping problems so I should just enjoy it.

The walk was supposed to take me 1 hour and 20 minutes or so. But I thought this was my chance to get some quality Pokemon Go time in so it ended up being a bit longer. When I was walking I thought "maybe I should walk to places if they're within the 5km radius" Of course when you're in a rush it's hard to take this into action, but as someone who doesn't have any urgent business going on it seems like a good option. I remember walking around almost everywhere when I lived in London. The £1.5 bus fee seemed too expensive when I could walk for an hour and save that. I probably spent that money on a pint Guinness, so you know where my values were at.

Actually, think I'll cut this entry short here. I'm sorry, I'm feeling a bit worm out. I hope you understand.

To conclude today's blog entry, here's my todo list from today (with n o t h i n g on) and a screenshot of a funky looking pokemon I caught today.


n o t h i n g

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