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Blog Entry #7 [2021년 3월 25일]

Well, today's entry is going to be a short one again. I'm sorry, it's been ages since I felt this exhausted! In the best way possible though, so don't worry.

I went for my very first 검도 class this evening. There was only two students for the 7pm start class - me and a 12 year old girl. She made me feel less embarrassed about being a complete newbie, she showed me how to warm up and explained few 검도 etiquette too. Apparently she started going to this 도장 (I will refuse to use the word 'dojo', only because I don't want to give off the SoCal vibes when I don't ride that wave, you get me bruh?) since she was six. It's mad. Wish I had the persistence (or her parents' persistence I suppose to a certain degree) to continuously practice anything for that long. Anyways, I looked like a right fool trying to do the basic steps and arm works! But I enjoyed every bit of it. And because I'm a clean slate, maybe even a rusty slate if I may use for more accuracy, I'll be able to see myself improve way easily so I'm pretty excited about that.

I think I see the charm of this sport. Though I don't know much about it. The more you repeat a motion the better you get. And you have to be focused while repeating those motions 1000+ times. Guess that's why 검도 is known to train your mind as well as your body. If I had to swing my 죽도 up and down 1000 times I'll meditate the crap out of myself. Well, maybe not. Maybe my mind will wonder and get distracted thinking about Ben or rejection letter from Christie's then I'll have to repeat everything again. Hmm, I'll find out soon I guess.

It's been so long since I actively took up a new hobby alone. The last one was salsa during beginning of undergrad. It's refreshing. I hope I'll find a new job soon so I can keep paying the monthly 도장 fee.

I'm going to go lie down now. I'll sleep like a log tonight. Ah I'm getting hungry again, guess sleep will make it all go away.

To conclude today's blog entry, here's my todo list (or the lack of it) from today and a photo of banners of two candidates running for mayor of Seoul in the upcoming by-election (that candidate number 7 is a love child between a cult leader and a politician but a complete caricature of it, South Park level).


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