Mi Park (b. 1996, S. Korea) is a performance artist currently based in Seoul. They are interested in investigating the site/time - specific nature of identities. This investigation takes from by the artist choreographing rituals and social ruptures and inserting them into the everyday. Through their work, Park questions race, gender, class, and social status with performances playing on stand-up comedy, wedding proposals and biker gang relationships.


The relationship between Park's practice and their documentation method is something that the artist has been exploring since the beginning of their career. Thanks to the frustration towards the linear dynamic between one's work and visual documentation (due to the contemporary world's need of evidential visuals), Park's practice began to take the form of disposable performances that would burst into irretrievable pieces. 

Park's high interest in the craftmanship of costumes has opened a new possibility of 'characters' to be utilised in their work. Exposing the ever-transforming nature of the feedback loop that affects the discussion of the site/time - specificity of identities. 

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