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The Travelling Witches


We, Mi Park and Cecilia Kliche form the artist-duo The Travelling Witches. Our mission is to support the audience in reconnecting to the parts of themselves that they turned away from consciously or unconsciously by bringing together the treasures and failures of the spiritual world and the art world. We believe that as humans we have the tendency to take life a little too serious but that within this realisation we can find deep truths about how to engage with our nature, desires, and humanness in effective ways. 



Our first spiritual card deck and performance Full Body Yes! dives deep into the differences and similarities between the teachings as well as beliefs held by the spiritual and art worlds. We highlight in what ways these seemingly opposing worlds take-on and embody two sides of the same coin; in theory and in practice. What really is the difference between experiencing a work of art and meditation? What is the difference between drug use for self-development purposes and for encouraging creative flow? How different is the realisation of ideas, concepts, emotions, thoughts and the Self within both fields really? And why do these worlds reject being connected to each other so much? 


Discover our spiritual card deck to learn more about where you’re currently standing in life and how to pursue your own path while gaining insightful knowledge about the arts and spirituality.


For online readings with us please get in touch.




The Travelling Witches

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