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NO SHOW  is a broadcast Livestream aired (from my bedroom) on the 19th June 2020 - on the day of the opening of Ruskin School of Art’s 2020 degree show. Instead of walking around each other’s work in the newly realised spaces of Bullingdon road building with friends and family, we found ourselves sitting in our domestic spaces staring into a glitchy and lagging Livestream while communicating through Microsoft Teams meeting with the other viewers from the school.


This broadcast was not an attempt to replace the canceled degree show nor an opportunity for students to present more experimental works that they couldn’t quite retailor it to fit into the new examination format (an online portfolio via Personally, I wanted to create a space and time that allowed works to exist in the least compromised form. I hope this broadcast will continue through and multiply to create a ritual and communities rather than to statically mark the absence of something (degree show etc.) lost because of covid19.

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