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Blog Entry #9 [2021년 4월 7일]

Okay, right, I'm going to try and recall what happened today as interesting as I can.

First thing first, I should probably say I had a wee little breakdown last night when I was on the phone with Ben. Having applications to apply for this month lined up in front of me for some reason highlighted my extremely uncertain future. And for me and Ben to be together again, at least one of us needs to actively seek out ways to relocate. But I, getting rejection letters left and right, can't even get a job in Korea where I don't need to take care of working permits/visas. Why would an oversea employer want to pay extra more to hire me? A mediocre member of the labour force who can be easily replaced with a domestic worker? So you understand why it became a bit hard to keep my emotions under control. Anyways, that's that.

It was a bit harder to get up in the morning. For the past month I've been waking up at 7:40am because of the broadcast work Caring the Message I'm currently doing with Lu. Some days I go back to sleep but some days I just start my day then. Since starting 검도, the days I go back to bed has been reduced to the weekends as I try to go to 검도 in the morning during weekdays. Anyways, I went to 검도 and there was only one other person training with me this morning. It was a nice session, we got to introduce ourselves. Normally with more people in the time slot it's hard to start up a conversation during training. And I think this "making friends" part of doing sports is what really pushed me to join a 도장. I guess if it wasn't for covid there will be more team bonding outside of training but hey I'll take casual conversations if that's what's allowed during a pandemic. Anyways, I imagined setting this guy up with NK. I don't know why, I don't even know if they're both straight or single - tbh I forgot the guy's name already but I guess I was fantasising a splash of drama in my new 검도 life haha

After 검도 I went straight to 강남 for the by-election. It was a quick and safe process. Nothing too exciting other than the fact that this is the first time I voted in Korea! I had to vote from the UK in the past, it was more anti-climatic than I imagined. I went out the polling station and wondered around the neighbourhood I lived in very briefly during 2010. Crazy how it's been more than a decade. But the area was as rich and dry as before.

After wondering around I went into COEX (where I frequented as a teenager when I lived in that area) for lunch. I picked the wrong time to head out for lunch in an area surrounded by office blocks - 12:30. Ugh. But it's always easy to get a seat when you're dining alone. I sat next to two people in the restaurant, I think they are coworkers. And one of them asked the waiter to bring another plate, which the waiter misheard as another dish (as in food) and when the waiter checked again if they wish to order another one of the dish that was already on the table, that person said yes. I observed the miscommunication thinking "oh shit, do I tell them?" but it solved itself just a moment later. I never know where the line is between being nosy and a helpful input is.

Well, that's about everything that happened today. Now I should go back to writing up an application that I know I'm not qualified to even apply! I bet it'll end up coming back to me as a meaningless rejection letter but hey what is being human if not self destruct.

To conclude today's blog entry, here's my todo list from today and a photo of a building in front of my apartment block that's been slowly emptying out their tenants for redevelopment.


Get reusable mask for 검도 ✓

Go vote ✓

Finish draft 1 of Leeum application 👀

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Mi Park
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Jun 21, 2021
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