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oxford rejection letter 2014
viva voce , guideline sneak peek
viva voce , guideline sneak peek 2
엄마아빠한테 보낼 이메일 1
엄마아빠한테 보낼 이메일 2
엄마아빠한테 보낼 이메일 3
엄마아빠한테 보낼 이메일 4
performance photo reel
viva voce promotional poster

Viva Voce (How to Get into the Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art: A Guideline <Extension Degree Edition – 4 year project. Goldsmiths College, University of London>) , 2017 

*Link to the video is available upon request*

Please use the contact page to reach Mi Park with 'Viva Voces, 2017 video link request' in the subject line.

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